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We are

Agroindustrial development in Colombia

Social and economic development generators in Montes de María.

Through the years our enterprise has been supporting individual and associated in rural organizations producers in the departments of Bolívar, Sucre and Guajira, so they have joined in the different productive chains. This includes technological support in your cultivations, support from banks, commercialization of your products and implementation of Agricultural Best Practices (BPA).

Exporting Quality Products0%
Organic Product Production0%
Support to the Associate and Individual Producers0%
Support before Banks0%
Product Commercialization0%
BPA Implementation0%

Tons Exported


Associate Producers


Implemented Programs


Helped Families


Adapting cultivations and products to global agricultural demand, in normativity, quality and production, with the standards of harmlessness in the production, harvest, packaging, storing and distribution, that contribute to a healthy fruit and the recovery of the soil. This same way, being a constant generator of employment and social and economical development in our department and country.


Establish ourselves as a technified and certified agroindustrial enterprise, that is acknowledged for the quality of its processes, cultivations and products, with clean production processes that satisfy the consumer, through different chains of commercialization and responsibility with our environment, recovering soils, water and air.

We respect the health and security policies, training ourselves in accident prevention and first aid, installing first aid kits, promoting contingency plans in case of earthquakes , fires, floods, and storing toxic substances in a responsible way.

The health and security of our workers are priorities for Servicecol S.A.S., as well as preventing possible damage to the environment and interacting in a beneficious way with the communities.

We promote a positive and constructive work ambient, in which race, gender, sexual orientation, handicaps, relationship status, age, religion, or political ideology discrimination doesn’t exist.

We believe intimidation and power abuse are unacceptable behaviours, We understand intimidation as any action the makes an individual feel threatened, humiliated or condescended. We don’t tolerate psychological or physical abuse.

Servicecol S.A.S. recognizes in written form and in practice the right of all workers to establish work organizations under their own criteria and negotiating collectively their work conditions.

It is completely prohibited to consume, possess and distribute alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs inside the enterprise, as well as going to work under the effects of these.

Bribes and other attitudes that could be interpreted like that, directly or indirectly are not tolerated.

We inform workers about their rights, obligations and responsibilities.

Social Responsibility

Strengthening agricultural training of producers and the quality of our processes and cultivations, BPA certification as well as advisory, support and certification available for women and youngsters.

Advisory and accompaniment to small producers and associations of our region, with support to different public and private entities.

Improving the care of the soil and the environment We implement a technology of Bioremediation, that ensures recovery of soils and clean cultivations.

Cooperative economy internationally and this way being able to increase the development of the country in the augmentation of the value of our currency.

Implementation of a clean economy that fits the standards of harmlessness in production, harvest, packaging, storing and distribution.